Flowers in the Snow

Not the Blizzard of 1888, but they say the Northeast got a lot of snow. We got three or four more inches last night and into the morning. More than in January or February, and enough to catch the back yard croci in early blossom.

Flowers in the Snow 2017They’re hardy flowers. I’m sure they’ll survive the day or two of snow cover.

The snow’s already mostly melted off the streets and driveways and sidewalks, so it hardly counts as a nuisance. Still, it’s hard to believe the view from the back door will look like this in three months.

Spring Flowers ’15

Lilacia Park, May 9, 2015

The Lombard park sports a wealth of lilacs, of course, such as this Hyacinthiflora lilac.

Lilacia Park, May 9, 2015But also tulips, such as “Antoinnette.”

Lilacia Park, May 9, 2015And “Mona Lisa.”

Lilacia Park May 2015And “Burgundy Lace,” a fringed tulip.

Lilacia Park May 2015Also, good old crabapple trees.

Lilacia Park, May 9, 2015This character showed up to entertain. I think. Or maybe he just likes to dress up. Thing 1 and Thing 2 weren’t around.

Lilacia Park, May 9, 2015I took some of the pictures and Ann took others.